Advantages of Goat Farming Business

There are numerous advantages of goat farming business, whether you run a small scale farm or large commercial farm. Goats are smaller sized animals and they are easily managed. They require much less space compared to other livestock animals and goat caring is actually very easy. It's absolutely possible to earn some extra money through running a goat farming business, even on a small scale.

Goats have many utilities, and they are considered as poor man's cow or mini cow. A few goats can help a poor man greatly. Goats have also immense contribution in rural economy and national income of a country. Goat products (such as milk and meat) are not only nutritious and easy to digest but also a great source of additional income for landless, poor and marginal farmers.

Advantages of Goat Farming

Before starting any farming business, it is always good to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of that business. Here we are describing more about the notable advantages of goat farming business.

Low Initial Investment or Capital

Starting a goat farming business requires relatively less initial investment and capital, as compared to starting any other type of livestock farming business.

Great ROI

Staring goat farming business requires relatively less capital, but they make more profit than other domestic animals. Total production value is higher than the investment per unit, and as a result the ROI (return of investment) ratio is also very high.

Goats Require Less Space

Goats are smaller sized animals and they actually don't require huge area for housing. You can house and raise up to 5 goats in the same space which is required for raising one cow. Your goats will live happily as long as you can arrange the basic housing requirements for your goats. They generally don't require high end housing system, you can also raise your goats with your other animals.

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Good Personality

Goats are very lovable and have great personality. They are friendly with humans, and they also love human companionship. Some people also raise goats as pets for this reason.

Goats Can be Raised With Other Livestock Animals

Goats can easily share their living place with other livestock animals. So, you can start raising some goats with your other livestock animals (such as chickens, ducks, cattle, sheep etc.).

Many Breeds Available & Easy Breeding

There are may goat breeds available to choose from. Goats are very good breeders, and this quality make the goat breeding process much easier for the farmers. Goats generally reach maturity within their 7-12 months of age, depending on the breed. They start kidding after a short gestation period of around 5 months. Some goat breeds produce numerous kids per kidding.

Less Risks

Risks are actually very lees in goat farming business. Goats are very hardy and strong animals, and they can thrive in almost all conditions throughout the world. You can even raise goats in the drought prone areas.

Great Market Value

Goat products (such as meat, milk, fiber, skin, manure etc.) have great value and demand in the market. And both bucks and does have almost equal value or price in the market.

Goat Meat is Widely Accepted

Goat meat is widely accepted throughout the world, and it is generally sold at very high prices in the international market. There is also no religious taboo against goat meat consumption. Goat meat is cholesterol free and easily digestible.

Goat Milk is Also Popular in Some Areas

Goat milk is also of very good quality containing higher percentage of butterfat content. Although, goat milk is not that popular like the milk of cows. But it's very popular in certain areas. The milk is generally used for making different types of foods. And goat milk is considered as easily digestible than cow milk.

Other Goat Products

Goat skin and fiber are also popular. There are some goat breeds available that produces high quality fiber. And you can sell the skin after slaughtering a goat. And this can be an additional source of income. Goat manure is considered as a high quality natural/organic fertilizer, and it increases crop yield naturally.

Employment Source

Goat farming business is very profitable, and an unemployed person can easily make a self employed income source through properly planning and managing goat farming business. Easy bank loans are also available in some areas for the new entrepreneur for starting this business. In some areas, many govt. and non govt. banks or financial organizations are providing loans for starting this business. And commercial goat farming business has already created a potential way of employment for the unemployed people.

Goats are Very Hardy

Goats are very hardy and strong animals, and they can withstand almost any climatic conditions. They can tolerate both high and low temperature and live happily. They also suffer less by diseases than other livestock animals. They will be healthy and diseases free if you properly vaccinate them and take other common health care.

Goats are Easily Available

Goats are among the most common farm animals. You can easily source some goats within your area if you want to start a new farming business. There are hardly any place around the world where goats are not available.

Less Labor Required

Goats are easily managed animals. So, this business requires relatively less labor. Even children and women can raise and care for them. You can easily use your family labor for raising and caring goats.

These are the common advantages of goat farming business. If you are a beginners, we recommend visiting any existing goat farms within your area and learn more about goat farming business practically. God bless you!

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