Black Bengal Goat Information

Black Bengal goat is one of the best meat goat breeds. It was originated from Bangladesh and also found in Bihar, Orissa and West Bengal Regions of northeastern India. The breed is a very helpful small livestock in Bangladesh, and it has also created a great income source for the poor Bangladeshi people. Along with very good quality meat production, the breed is also known for it's skin and milk quality. Here we are describing more about this breed.

Physical Characteristics of Black Bengal Goat

As the name suggests, body coloration of the Black Bengal goat is generally black, but also found in white, brown or gray. It is relatively a smaller sized breed with a tight body structure. Legs are short and their horns are also small. Average live body weight of the mature bucks is around 25-30 kg. And the mature does on an average weight around 20-25 kg.

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Black Bengal goats are excellent browsers. They can even survive on poor quality forages and produce quality meat. They can eat most of the vegetables, leaves and grasses (but feeding high amount of carrots can be fatal for them). But raising them in semi-intensive or intensive system will ensure better growth.


Black Bengals are excellent breeders. They are very popular in Bangladesh mainly due to their very high reproduction rate. These goats generally reach maturity and become ready for breeding earlier than other goat breeds. On an average, a doe becomes pregnant twice a year. And a doe generally gives birth to 1-3 kids per kidding.


Black Bengal goats are extremely hardy and strong animals. They do very well in their native environment. They can actually adapt themselves to any environment easily. And their disease preventive ability is very high.


Black Bengal goats are mainly used for their very high quality meat production. Their skin is also of very good quality.

The Black Bengal goat is gaining popularity faster for it's high quality skin and high prolificacy rate, along with it's good meat quality. It plays a very important role in eradicating poverty from Bangladesh, and also in creating new employment source for the educated unemployed people.

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