Common Information About Boer Goat

Boer goat is one of the large and most popular meat goat breeds. It is also known as Afrikaner, Africander or South African common goat. And it is a highly meat productive breed and actually popular throughout the world. It was originated from South Africa, and today the breed is mainly used for commercial meat production. Fertility and growth rates of this breed is also very high, and this is possibly the most common reason for huge popularity of this breed.

The Boer goat breed was actually developed in South Africa in the early 1900s, mainly for meat production. However, here we are describing more information about this goat breed.

Physical Characteristics of Boer goat

Boer goats are among the large sized meat goat breeds. They generally have white bodies and distinctive brown heads, and some animals can be completely brown or white or paint (which means large spots of different color on their bodies). They have very long, pendulous ears.

Average live body weight of the mature does is between 90 and 100 kg. And average live body weight of the mature bucks vary from 110 to 135 kg.

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Boer goats require quality feeding for better growth. As a meat goat breed, they require nutritious feeds, vitamins and minerals also. They also grow very well if they are given access to pasture.


The Boer goats are known to be excellent breeders, and they are also known for having very high fertility rates. The does have superior mothering skills as compared to other goat breeds. Boer goats are not seasonal breeders, and they can breed throughout the year. And they generally reach maturity within their five months of age (but it's not wise to breed them at this stage).

For ensuring better health of the doe, a proper planned breeding program should be maintained (you should maintain the breeding program to produce 3 kiddings every two years). Multiple kids per kidding is common for Boer goats. Purebred Boer bucks are also often used for crossbreeding.


Boer goats are very hardy and strong animals. They have a very high resistance to diseases. They are also able to adapt themselves well to hot and dry semideserts.


The Boer goats are mainly used for meat production purpose. They produce very good quality and tasty meat. The does also produce a good amount of milk, but the breed is not suitable for commercial milk production purpose.

Purebred Boer bucks are often used for breeding other breeds. Common crosses are Boer x Jamunapari, Boer x Kiko, Boer x Sirohi, Boer x Osmanabadi, Boer x Spanish, Boer x Angora and Boer x Nubian.

Boer goats are also often used for show purpose. And the breed can also be very good as pets.

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