Common Dairy Goat Breeds

Various types of dairy goat breeds are available throughout the world. And people raising dairy goats as a suitable alternative of cow. Cow's milk is very popular in the United States for consumption from a wide variety of animal milk. Cow's milk is very popular to all types and aged American people. But outside America goat milk is much popular than cow's milk. And in case of global popularity, goat's milk outshines cow's milk by a large margin. Comparatively to cow's milk goat milk contains less fat globules and it is easily digestible. Goat milk is a great source of cholesterol and Vitamin A and those elements are rapidly absorbed by the human body and brain. That means our body can use those elements almost instantly. The alkaline reaction of goat's milk is similar to mother's milk. But cow's milk has an acidic reaction. Goat's milk is also suitable for those people who are suffering by allergies and it is better suited to asthmatics. Goat milk is richer in chlorine, silicon, fluorine and it also contains more natural germicidal properties. It is considered as very beneficial to the intestinal tact and aids in preventing constipation.

Along with the above benefits goat milk has also many more usages and advantages. As a result goat producers throughout the world are commercially raising various types of milk producing dairy goat breeds. Raising dairy goat is very easy and profitable than raising any other livestock for milk production. Dairy goat farming also costs less than dairy cow farming system. Nowadays the popularity of goat's milk is growing rapidly throughout the world, even in the United States. There are many milk producing dairy goats around the world. But only a few of those breeds produce profitable milk. Here I have described a few of those dairy goat breeds.

Anglo Nubian Goat

Anglo Nubian goats are of various colored with convex nose, long floppy ears and their overall structure is very large. They produce milk highly and their milk contain high butter fat and protein than other dairy goats.
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Alpine Goat

Alpine goat is also another milk producing goat breed with French origin. They are of different colored except all while and light brown with white markings. Alpine goat is medium sized goat with standing ears and straight face. It is a very common and popular dairy goat breed because of it's highly milk production.

LaMancha Goat

LaMancha goat breed can be of any colored. The main and one of the most distinct characteristics of this goat is that it has almost unnoticeable ear. This dairy goat breed is relatively smaller in size but are very suitable for milk production. The milk of LaMancha goat is also high in butterfat.

Oberhasli Goat

Oberhasli goat is chamois colored. It is a medium sized goat, very energetic and active. Oberhasli is a Swiss dairy goat breed and has a straight face.

Saanen Goat

Saanen is one of the largest dairy goat breeds. They are usually pure white colored. They have a straight or dished face. Saanen is a heavy milk producing breed and yield best in comparative much cooler environment.

Toggenburg Goat

Toggenburg goats are of various colored. Their color varies from light fawn to dark chocolate. It is a medium sized, sturdy, active and energetic dairy goat breed. It is one of the oldest dairy goats and has a highly developed udder. Toggenburg is very suitable for high level of milk production.

Along with this six breeds there are many more milk productive dairy goats too. For commercial or individual dairy goat production, choose the right dairy goat breeds according to your farm environments, goat's requirements and your local goat farming facilities. Desired production from dairy goat farming business mostly depends on choosing the right breeds. So, before choosing consider environment and natural facilities in your location.

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