Fainting Goat Information

The Fainting goat is relatively a smaller sized breed of meat goat. It is also called and known by some other names such as Myotonic goat, Tennessee Fainting, Tennessee Meat, Nervous, Stiff, Texas Wooden Leg, Stiff leg and Scare goats. Most important and notable feature of this goat is , it temporarily seizes when it feels panic.

These goats will attempt to escape from the disturbance (generally followed by a startle reaction) if startled by sudden movements or loud noises. This reaction results in strong tetanic contractions of the agonist and antagonist muscles, in more severe cases. And such cases cause an uncontrolled stiffness that may cause the goat to remain frozen in the position that it was in previous to the attack. Or even can cause it to fall to the ground on it's side.

The goat can often be picked up without any bending or movement occurring in it's body during an attack (which may last from 5 to 20 seconds). Such behavior in Fainting goat is actually caused by a hereditary genetic disorder called 'myotonia congenita'. However, the Fainting goats live a normal and healthy lifespan and they are very good for meat production purpose. Here we are describing more about this meat goat breed below.

Fainting Goat Appearance

The Fainting goats are relatively smaller sized animals than the standard sized meat goat breeds. They mostly appear in black and white color, but they can also be found in other colors or color combinations. Their eyes are large and prominent, their hair can either be short or long (with some goats producing a great deal of cashmere during colder months).

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Both bucks and does generally have horns. Average body weight of the mature Fainting goats can vary from 27 to 79 kg.


The Fainting goats are good foragers. They do very well when they are allowed to pasture. But they will do better and grow faster if provided with supplementary feeds.


The Fainting goats can breed well under good conditions and if they are cared properly. The does are prolific and good mothers. They are not seasonal breeders and can be breed throughout the year. Most of the does generally produce twins or triplets per kidding, and the does have enough milk for raising 2-3 kids.


Fainting goats can do well and grow faster under right conditions. They are easier to care for and maintain than larger sized meat goat breeds, mainly because of their smaller size. And the easy caring feature has made them desirable for smaller goat farms.


The Fainting goat is mainly used for meat production. But it is also popular for raising as pets, because of it's unique appearance and feature.

Raising Fainting goats is very easy. They are very friendly in nature, intelligent and are also of good behavior. They are often raised as pets or as show animals for these reasons.

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