Guide for Feeding Meat Goats

Feeding meat goats with quality feeds is the most important part of successful meat goat farming business. Because proper feeding is the most important factor for keeping your goats healthy and productive. The best and most economical way for feeding meat goats is to provide them with plenty of high quality pasture. But you can also feed them hay or other purchased feed during the winter and drought when pastures are short. Although you can ensure the availability of pasture throughout the year by installing a good irrigation system. But remember, growth rate in pasture feeding system is relatively slower as compared to a feedlot.

Feeding meat goats with quality feeds not only increase production but also helps to keep your animals healthy. The feeds that you generally used to feed your goats, play a very important role in their health and overall body conditions. Quality feeds have direct relation with body growth rate, breeding, diseases resistant ability, lifespan of the goats and also the products (milk, meat, skin, fiber etc.).

Feeding meat goats is the most expensive part of meat goat farming business. Meat goats generally require high quality feed with optimum balance of many different nutrients for better growth and maximum profit potential.

Feeding Meat Goats

Growth rate of meat goats is not like cattle or sheep, because of their unique physiology. Their growth rate is relatively slower, ranging from 0.1 to 0.8 lbs per day. However, good growth rate and profitable meat goat production can be achieved by optimizing the use of high quality forage and browse and also the strategic use of concentrate feeds.

The main aim for feeding meat goats should be to meet their nutritional requirements depending on their gender, age and also the goat breed you are raising.

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Goat feeds can be divided into several different categories such as forage, protein supplements, grains, minerals and water. You can adjust the rations to have your goats reach a particular market weight or size in a certain amount of time. However, here we are describing a complete information guide for feeding meat goats.


Goats are browsers and they actually love browsing. They will readily eat a variety of forages, if they are allowed to roam freely. Forages include hay, haylage, pasture and brush. Meat goats will also eat all types of natural feeds including leaves, weeds, straw, vegetables, plants, grasses etc. But try to keep your goats away from the toxic plants.


Grains are good for meat goats. Grains provide energy and actually very good for goats. Wheat, corn, oats, barley etc. are common grains which are used to feed the goats. But avoid over-feeding grains to your goats.

Minerals & Vitamins

Goats require some vitamins and minerals for better health and growth. Consult with a vet in your area for better recommendation. You can provide your goats with commercially mixed salt and mineral mix. You can also keep mineral blocks inside your farm area so that your goats can easily access it.


Meat goats generally require more protein for better and faster growth. A balanced meat goat feed should contain 14-18 percent protein. You will need to include some sort of protein supplement for reaching these protein levels.


Providing plenty of fresh and clean water is very important for feeding meat goats. And it is often one of the most overlooked aspects of livestock feeding operations. So, always try to give your goats with enough water for keeping them healthy. It will be good if you can keep the waterer always filled with fresh and clean water.

Today, there are many companies available that produce ready made commercial goat feeds which are especially prepared for feeding the meat goat breeds. These types of feed generally contain all required nutrients for goats. But such food is generally very expensive. Thanks for reading!

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