How to Feed Goats

Goat feeding is the most important part of the goat farming business. If you are raising goats for a long time, then you are already an expert in feeding goats. But if you are a beginner, then you must know about how to feed goats. Feeding goats is actually very easy and simple, especially if you know about how to feed goats. Here we are describing more about the ways of feeding goats.

How to Feed Goats

For feeding your goats properly, is very important to know about how often to feed, how much to feed and you also have to have all the required goat feeding equipment. However, read more information about how to feed goats.


A mature goat generally require about 2-4 lbs of hay daily. Although exact amount of hay depends on the size and breed of your goat (some goats can eat more or less than this amount). In case of feeding your goats with chaffhaye, you need to feed them 2 percent of their total body weight. For example, 2 lbs of chaffhaye is required for a goat having 100 lbs of live body weight.

But if you let your goats to eat hay freely, then they will eat what they need. And free access to hay is good for goats and it won't hurt them.

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Goats also love grains, but feeding too much  grains is not good for goat's health. Too much grains can make your goats fatty, which can cause illness or even death. Don't feed your adult goats more than 1.5 lbs of grains daily.

Feed the kids even less amount of grains per day. It will be better if you can give the total amount of grains twice a day (for example, once in the morning and once in the afternoon).


If you feed your goats with ready-made supplementary or pelleted food, then follow a vet's suggestion.


You can feed your goats either loose or block minerals. You can place mineral blocks somewhere within your goat farm, and your animals will take it when they need and as much as they need.


Keep a waterer filled with fresh and clean water somewhere within your farm. Your goats will drink water as much as they need from it. Good luck!

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