Kiko Goat Characteristics & Information

The Kiko goat is a breed of meat goat from New Zealand. The term 'kiko' means flesh or meat, and it had traditionally been used by the native Maori people. Development of the Kiko goat began in the early 1970s, and it was actually created in the 1980s. The breed was developed through collecting and breeding thousands of feral goats, reserving only the fastest maturing, meatiest and most disease and parasite resistant goats.

Anne Batten and Garrick actually created this breed. They cross-bred local feral goats with imported dairy goat bucks of Toggenburg, Anglo-Nubian and Saanen breeds. The main aims of the breeding were to produce a hardy, fast growing goat breed which will also have the ability to survive with little input from the farmers.

While developing, those animals were not provided with supplementary feed, shelter, vet care, hoof trimming and also no assistance at kidding. Only the strongest and toughest goats survived. The Kiko goat what we have today is very hardy and strong mainly for this reason. And currently the Kiko goat is mainly raised as a meat goat breed.

Kiko Goat Characteristics

The Kiko goats are medium to large sized animals. They can appear in almost any color, but most of the goats are of white color. Both bucks and does have horns. But the fully grown bucks have prominent horns.

They have erect ears of moderate size. Their overall appearance is muscular. The mature bucks can weight around or up to 80 kg, and the does can weight around or up to 55 kg.

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The Kiko goats are aggressive forager, and they are capable of thriving under conditions of feed deprivation. Probably, they have this ability, because their ancestors were not given with any supplementary feeds while creating this breed.

The main advantages of raising Kiko goats for meat production is are their hardiness and their ability to achieve substantial weight gains when raised under natural conditions without supplementary feeding. But they will grow faster if provided with supplementary feeds.


The Kiko goats are excellent breeders, and they can breed throughout the year. The does are capable of conceiving, carrying and giving birth to kids without problems. The does are able to care multiple kids without intervention, under less than ideal conditions also.

Crossbreeding Kiko does with Boer bucks produces better quality offspring which is also very good for meat production. The crossbred kids generally grow faster and reach maturity earlier.


The Kiko goats are extremely hardy and strong animals, and they are tolerant of rustic conditions. They are especially noted for their greater parasite resistance, rapid growth rate and superior maternal instincts of the does. They also suffer less by diseases or any other health related issues.

They are excellent foragers and have a high feed to meat conversion ration. They are more parasite resistance, and have fewer problems with foot-rot compared to other common goat breeds.


Kiko goats are among the most popular meat goat breeds, and they are raised mainly for meat production. They are also very good for commercial operation. Their fast-growing rate makes them ideal for low-input goat farming system.

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