Marwari Goat Characteristics & Farming Information

The Marwari goats are very beautiful animals which were originated from India. Their name derives from their natural habitat 'Marwar' region of Rajasthan. Marwari goats are mainly available and distributed through the Marwar region of Rajasthan, comprising Jodhpur, Pali, Nagaur, Jalore, Jaisalmer, Barmer and Bikaner districts. They are also available in some areas of Gujarat, especially Mehsana district.

The Marwari is a dual-purpose goat breed. And it is raised and valued for both meat and milk production purpose. According to FAO, the total population of the Marwari goat was 3914 (according to 1972 census). Today, the breed is also available in some other pasts of India. Read some more information about this Indian goat breed below.

Marwari Goat Characteristics

The Marwari goats are medium sized animals with very beautiful appearance. They generally appear in black color with long shaggy hair coat. Some individuals are also observed with white or brown patches. Both bucks and does are generally horned, and their horns are of medium length. The horns are directed upward and backward and pointed at tips. The bucks generally have longer and stronger horns than the does.

The ears of the Marwari goat are long, flapping and dropping. The tail is small and thin. Both bucks and does are generally bearded. The udder of the Marwari does is small and round, with small teats placed laterally. Average live body weight of the mature does is around or up to 32 kg. And the bucks are slightly larger and heavier than the does. And average live body weight of the mature bucks is between 39 and 42 kg.

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The Marwari goats do very well if they are provided with supplementary feeds. They can also survive well on poor quality forage or pasture, but do well with supplemented feeds. Their growth, milk production and kidding percentage increase if they are provided with high quality and nutritious supplementary feeds. And along with providing quality feeds, always ensure access to enough clean and fresh water. Read more information about goat feeding.


The Marwari goats are good breeders. The breeding bucks are generally selected based on their size and hair production (mostly within the flock). The breed is also used for cross-breeding with Jamunapari goats for increasing milk production. The does generally give birth to one kid per kidding, with a twinning percentage of about 10 percent. Their kidding percentage can increase if they are kept in stall fed system and provided with supplementary feeds. Learn more about goat breeding.


The Marwari goats are very strong and hardy animals. They can adapt themselves well with a wide variety of climatic conditions. They are actually from the desert area, they are good and well known for their tolerance of both hot and cold climates. They have good disease resistance capabilities, and can also thrive well in harsh conditions. They are also well adapted to the harsh environment of the Thar desert.


The Marwari goats are dual-purpose animals. They are valued and used for both milk and meat production. The does are good milk producers. On average a doe can produce between 0.5 and 1 kg of milk daily (when raised on free grazing system). But they can produce more milk if raised in stall fed goat farming system. The Marwari goats are also very good for meat production. They grow relatively faster and reach slaughtering weight faster.

The Marwari goats are very good Indian goat breed. They are dual-purpose animals and used for both meat and milk production. They are well adapted to the most of the Indian climate. They are hardy and strong, and are capable of adapting themselves with almost all environment. If you are thinking about staring goat farming business, then the Marwari goat can be good choice for you. Good luck!

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