Nigerian Dwarf Goat Characteristics

The Nigerian Dwarf goat is the smallest of the most common dairy goat breeds. The breed is not only good for milk production, but also very good for meat production purpose. It is a miniature goat breed which was originated from West Africa. Today, these animals are very popular in some countries as pets, and also as good milkers. They are probably very popular mainly for their easy maintenance and smaller size.

Despite the smaller body size of the Nigerian Dwarf goats, they are very good for milk production purpose. They are even good for milk production than the regular sized goats (compared to their body size). Their milk is also of very good quality containing good amount of butterfat content than many other dairy goat breeds. However, read more information about the Nigerian Dwarf goats below.

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Characteristics

The Nigerian Dwarf goats are the smallest of all other dairy goat breeds. Average body height of the mature bucks is around 19-23.5 inches at the withers. And the mature doe's average body height is between 17 and 22.5 inches at the withers.

The Nigerian Dwarf goats appear in many colors. Their common colors include black, cream, gold, red and white. They also appear in some patterns such as chamoisee (similar to an Oberhasli goat) and buckskin (brown with a black cape over the head and neck along with other black markings). And the color patterns can be with or without white spots. Some individuals also have white 'frosting' on the ears.

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Most of the Nigerian Dwarf goats are generally horned. But most of the breeders generally disbud them at a young age for safety (generally less than 2 weeks of age). Some individuals can have blue eyes, which is a dominant trait in goats. Maximum body weight of the mature animal is around 34 kg.


The Nigerian Dwarf goats generally do very well in both indoor and outdoor management system. They generally spend most of their time eating, just like most other ruminants. Most of the farmers usually bottle fed the kids, which makes them more bonded with humans. Read more information about feeding dairy goats.


The Nigerian Dwarf goats are not seasonal breeders, and they can actually breed throughout the year. Their gestation period usually stays for about 145 to 153 days, after successful mating. Multiple kiddings are common in Nigerian Dwarf goats. And a doe can give birth to 2-4 kids per kidding.

They generally grow faster as compared to other goat breeds. The male kids become mature within their 7 months or age, or even earlier. And the female kids become mature within their 7-8 months of age, and even earlier sometimes. The bucks are vigorous breeders and have been used successfully for hand breeding or pasture breeding.


The Nigerian Dwarf goats are smaller in size, but they are very strong and hardy animals than other regular sized goats. They can adapt themselves with almost all types of agroclimatic conditions. They are easily managed animals and generally require less caring.


The Nigerian Dwarf goats are excellent milk producers as compared to their smaller body size. They are considered as the best miniature dairy goats. Generally a lactating doe can produce about 2-2.5 lbs of milk daily. Milk of the Nigerian Dwarf goat is of very good quality containing higher percentage of butterfat content. The milk generally contain between 6 and 10 percent of butterfat content.

The Nigerian Dwarf goats are very gentle and intelligent animals. They are well behaved and friendly in nature, and are easily trainable. They also love human companionship. They are very good for raising as pets, mainly for their smaller size, beautiful appearance and friendly disposition.

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