Oberhasli Goat Characteristics & Farming Information

The Oberhasli goat is relatively a modern dairy goat breed which was originated from Switzerland. It was developed from the subtype of Chamois Colored goat from the Oberhasli district of the Bernese Oberland in central Switzerland. Once the breed was known as the 'Swiss Alpine'.

Oberhasli goats first arrived in the United States during the early 1900s. There it was registered as a subgroup of the French Alpine for some time. Today, the breed ranks as the least numerous of the dairy goat breeds recognized by the ADGA. And the ALBC describes this breed's status as recovering (meaning the breed still needs monitoring). However, read some more information about this dairy goat breed below.

Oberhasli Goat Characteristics

The Oberhasli goats are medium sized animals with strong and graceful appearance. Coloration of these animals is called "chamoisée" or "chamoisee" for their perceived resemblance to the colors of the wild Alpine chamois. Generally, their coat is bay or mid-brown, with black markings consisting of two black facial stripes through the eyes to the muzzle. They have a black dorsal stripe or mule stripe, black belly, black forehead and black lower limbs. Although the does can appear in full black coloration (not the bucks).

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The mature Oberhasli bucks can reach around 30 inches at the withers, and the does can reach around 28 inches. Average live body weight of the mature bucks is around or up to 68 kg. And the does weight slightly less than the bucks. Average live body weight of the mature does is around or up to 54 kg.


The Oberhasli goats generally do very well if they are provided with enough greens, hay and other nutrients enriched feeds. You need to follow the guide for feeding dairy goats. And provide them enough water for staying healthy.


Oberhasli goats are excellent breeders. The does are good mothers and they generally take good care of their kids.


The Oberhasli goats are very active and alert animals. They are vigorous and sometimes require sturdy fencing for keeping them confined. They can tolerate cold weather well, like many other Swiss goat breeds (they grow a thick coat during winter).


The Oberhasli goats are excellent milk producers. On average, a doe can produce around or up to 2116 kg of milk per lactation. The milk is of good quality containing good amount of fat content and protein.

The Oberhasli goats are very alert in appearance, and are gentle and friendly in nature. They are very good for commercial goat farming business and sometimes raised as pets.

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