Some Popular Dairy Goats

Dairy goat is a great source of milk. Generally the goat breeds which are famous for their milk production is called dairy goats. Goat milk is healthier than other animals milk and also very tasty and delicious. Goat milk is very suitable for human health than cow's milk. It is easily digestible and helps in metabolic utilization of the minerals. Anemia and bone demineralization can also be prevented by drinking goats milk. Goat milk contain some essential elements like fatty acids, linoleic acids, arachnodonic acids etc. It is enriched with different easily digestible proteins. Also enriched with highly calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, niacin, potassium, folic acids, copper, antioxident selenium etc. Allergic elements are comparatively less in goat's milk than cow's milk.

Nowadays most of the peoples are concerned about the benefits of goat milk. And more and more peoples are turning towards goat's milk and this rate is increasing day by day. The temand and consuming rates of goat's milk has increased rapidly over the last few years. And this is the main reason of increasing dairy goat farms throughout the world. Most of those farms are raising some special goat breeds for producing milk highly which are called dairy goats. Some world famous dairy goat breeds are Jamunapari, Saanen, Alpine, Anglo Nubian, Toggenburgs, LaManchas, Oberhasils etc. In many countries of the world, dairy goats are producing highly and they are one of the major milk producing animals. Dairy goats can adapt themselves with almost all types of climate and environment with a limited living space and does not require specialized feed and housing systems. The another benefits of raising dairy goats is that, they can live comfortably in the mountainous areas thriving on grasses as well as browsing. Some important and commercially profitable dairy goat breeds are listed here.


    Saanen is the largest among all the dairy goat breeds. It was originated from the Saanen Velly of Switzerland. By providing huge amounts of high quality feeds you can produce high volumes of milk from them. Over a long lactation period they can produce about 3 to 3.5 liters of milk daily.

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    Alpine is another highly milk producing goat breed and it was originated form French Alps. During a lactation period of ten months, an Alpine doe can produce around 3 liters of milk daily. They are very suitable for adapting with various types of weather and climatic conditions easily.

    Anglo Nubian

    Some people says that, Anglo Nubian goat was originated from the Great Britain. But actually they are the result of crossbreeding of British and Indian goat breeds. Over a lactation period of ten months a Nubian doe can produce around 2.5 liters of milk daily. In accordance with milk production, Anglo Nubian goats are also famous for their high quality meat production. Their meat has a great demand throughout the world due to meatier carcass of theirs.

    There are some other milk producing goat breeds too. Toggenburg is one of the oldest and purest Swiss dairy goat breeds. A Toggenburg doe has a long lactation period with an average daily production of 3 liters milk daily. Oberhasil is a medium sized dairy goat breed and it was originated from Switzerland. LaMancha is a Spanish goat breed. They also produce handsome amounts of milk.

    Goat's milk has a great demand in the local and international market. Many people use goat's milk for preparing various types of dairy products. As, goat's milk is very suitable for human health and the rates of consuming goat's milk is increasing rapidly so there is a great opportunities of establishing dairy goat farm and earning some extras.

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