Some Tips & Rules for Feeding Goats

As you know, quality and adequate feeding is the most important part of a successful goat farming business. You must have to feed your goats quality and adequate feeds for keeping them healthy and productive throughout the year. Quality feeding also helps to keep your goats to breed well throughout the year. However, there are some rules for goat feeding that you must need to follow. You also need to know how to feed goats. However, here we are describing about those rules and tips for feeding goats.

Body Condition of Your Goats

Monitor the body condition of your goats on a regular basis. You need to monitor whether your goats are too thin or too fatty. Maximize the amount of feeds if your goats are too thin, and reduce their fees gradually if they are too fatty.

Keep the Foods Safe

You need to keep your goat's feed in a clean and safe place. And ensure the stored feed is protected from damp, vermin and contamination. The feeds also need to be hygienic, and it also needs to be presented in a hygienic way so that each goat in your farm can easily access it.

Provide Good Quality Hay

The hay which you use for feeding your goats needs to be of very good quality. Alfalfa hay is a good choice for goats.


Pasture is always very good for goats. It will be better if you can ensure that your goats are having half of their diet from pasture.

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Vitamins and Minerals

Adequate amount of essential vitamins and minerals are also very essential for good health of your goats. A balanced diet of your goats should contain vitamins and minerals.

Don't Change Feeds Suddenly

Don't change your goat's diet all on a sudden. You can change their food if you need to do so. But change their food gradually.

Feeding the Kids

Ensure that your kids are getting colostrum immediately after their births. And also ensure they are getting their mother's milk timely.

Remove the Contaminated Feeds

Remove any contaminated or waste food out of your goat farm. Your goats should not reach contaminated food and water anyway.


Goats need plenty of water daily for keeping their body healthy. So ensuring availability of clean and fresh drinking water is a must for raising goats.

These are the common tips and rules for feeding your goats. Keep feeding your goats with adequate and nutritious feeds for keeping them healthy and productive. Have a good day!

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