Guide for Starting Commercial Goat Farming Business

Commercial goat farming business is gaining popularity day by day. High popularity of goat products, good marketing facilities, less investment and high profit within a very short period of time are the main reasons of huge popularity of commercial goat farming business. Compared to starting other livestock production, starting commercial goat farming business has many advantages and it's generally easy to raise goats.

Today many producers are thinking about starting a commercial goat farming business, mainly due to high demand of goat products and easy caring of the animals. Goats are among the top used animals in terms of meat and milk production. Both goat milk and meat have high domestic and international demand.

Most of the goat farmers who raise goats commercially, generally raise their goats under intensive or semi-intensive system. Because these two systems are generally very effective for commercial goat farming business.

Many existing goat farmers, unemployed educated people and women are also starting commercial goat farming business for making income. Goats generally require less feeding, housing and other caring compared to other farm animals. In a word, commercial goat farming business is definitely profitable and the return on investment (ROI) ratio is very high.

How to Start Commercial Goat Farming Business

Starting a commercial goat farming business is not that easy. It requires lots of hard work and dedication for becoming successful in this business. You will need to make a suitable goat farming business plan for starting this operation commercially. Here we are describing about the step by step process of starting a commercial goat farming business.

Select Farm Location

You have to select a very good place for your commercial goat farm with all required facilities. The facilities which are required for starting a commercial goat farm are listed below.

  • Clean and fresh water source throughout the year.
  • Availability of cultivable land with irrigation for producing greens and crops for feeding the goats.
  • Try to select the land in village area, or at least very close to village areas. Lands are less expensive in such area, and you will also able to find comparatively cheap labor.
  • Good transportation system is a must. Ensure there are roads or other form of transportation services in your selected area.
  • The selected land for starting commercial goat farming business must have to be free from chaos, noise and all types of pollution.
  • Ensure a market is available near your selected farm area.
  • Availability of veterinary service is also a must for starting commercial goat farming business.

Determine the Products

Determine the products that you want to produce from your goat farm. Goats are mostly raised for meat and milk. Some farmers also raise goats for fiber or skin production. In commercial production, most of the people generally raise goats either for meat or for milk. So, determine the products that you want to produce from your farm and then follow the next step.

Select Good Breeds

There are numerous goat breeds available throughout the world. But all of these goat breeds are not suitable for commercial goat farming business. Select only those breeds which grow faster and produce more.

Alpine, Toggenburg, Saanen, Nubian, LaMancha, Jamunapari, Barbari, Nigerian Dwarf, Oberhasli, Guernsey, Sable etc. are some popular dairy goat breeds. And these goats are very good for commercial dairy goat farming business.
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Boer, Black Bengal, Sirohi, Sojat, Osmanabadi, Spanish, Rangeland, Kalahari, Nubian, Kiko, Verata, Myotonic etc. are some famous and popular meat goat breeds. These breeds are very good for starting meat goat farming business.

Some producers also start commercial goat farming business for producing both milk and meat. Kinder, Nubian, Sirohi, Nigerian dwarf, Pygmy etc. are considered as best dual-purpose goat breeds.

Make Shelter

You need to make a good shelter/house for your goats. Goat's housing demands are generally less as compared to other livestock animals. Although, making a house with modern facilities will be good and it will help to increase production.

Ensure enough ventilation and sufficient space per goat. Goats generally require 10-15 square feet housing space. Although the required space can vary depending on the goat breed. Always try to keep the house dry and clean.

Purchase Goats

After building the house and setting everything perfectly, it's time to purchase goats. You can purchase goats from any of your nearest livestock market or any existing goat farm in your area. Always try to purchase good quality and healthy animals for your farm.

Feeding the Goats

Feeding the goats with quality feeds is the most important part of commercial goat farming business. Along with pasture feeding, you also have to ensure quality concentrated feeds for your goats. In commercial goat farming business, the goats are generally kept and fed under stall fed system. And stall fed goat farming system is generally more effective for raising goats commercially. Please review the guides for feeding meat goats and feeding dairy goats.


Goats are good breeders naturally. But currently, most of the modern farmers are using artificial insemination system for breeding their goats in commercial farms. Natural breeding through using a buck is good for small scale production.

Vet Service

Vet service is a must for commercial goat farming business. You must have to keep contact with a vet in your area for help. You will need to ask him/her if anything goes wrong. But making a stock of some common medicine and vaccines will be good for commercial goat farming business.

Caring & Management

Goats generally require less care and management than many other domestic farm animals. Although you need to take basic care and monitor your goat's health regularly. Vaccinate, de-worm and de-lice your goats on a regular basis.


Marketing is the most important part of commercial goat farming business. You need to set your marketing strategies before starting this business. You will make less profit or even loss, if you can't market your products properly (even if your goats are doing and producing well). It will always recommended to target your local market first, and then nearest other markets. Larger commercial goat farmers can think about international market.

These are the common steps for starting commercial goat farming business. Follow these steps very carefully for becoming successful in goat farming business. God bless you!

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