How to Start Goat Farming in Bangladesh

Goat farming business is gaining popularity in Bangladesh gradually, as it is a great source of additional income. Some farmers in Bangladesh are also earning their livelihood through goat farming business. And goat farming is the main income source of many rural people, especially the poor women and children. It has also created a great income source for the unemployed educated young people in Bangladesh.

As the goats are smaller sized animals, so they require less space and less caring than many other livestock animals such as cattle, buffalo etc. Goats require minimal care, even women and children can easily take care of the goats along with their regular household activities. And in most cases, women generally raise the goats.

The goat farming business is inspired by the Government of Bangladesh. The Government is continuously inspiring the people for setting up small scale goat farms, and they are creating many required opportunities for expanding this business.

There are many goat breeds available in Bangladesh, but all these breeds are not suitable for commercial production. Most of the farmers generally prefer native Black Bengal goats, and a few are raising exotic breeds.

Goat meat is very popular in Bangladesh, but the milk has less popularity and demand. So, if you want to start goat farming in Bangladesh, you have to focus on meat production. Goat skin is also very popular and generally sold at high prices there.

How to Start Goat Farming in Bangladesh

Starting goat farming business in Bangladesh is relatively easy, although it requires lots of tasks to perform. But if you follow the step by step guide mentioned below, then you will definitely be able to run a successful business. Make a good goat farming business plan and do everything according to the plan. However, here we are describing more about the steps of starting goat farming business in Bangladesh.

Select a Good Farm Location

First of all, you have to select a good location for your farm. Actually most of the areas in Bangladesh are suitable for starting this business. But consider avoiding the urban areas while selecting farm location. Because all costs are actually very high in the urban areas. While in the rural areas, you can get relatively cheap land, cheap labor and all other maintaining costs will comparatively be less.

Ensure availability of good transportation system while selecting location for starting goat farming business in Bangladesh. Good transportation system is a mandatory for marketing your products also for bringing necessary things.

Consider availability of clean and fresh water supply all the time. If there are no ready water source nearby, consider installing a tubewell. Water supply is also required for irrigating the grass and crop field, which you will use for feeding your goats.
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Try to select such an area which is free from noise and pollution. Also consider availability of vet service in your selected farm location.

Build Shelter for Your Goats

After selecting the location for your farm, you have to build a good house for your goats. A good goat house should include good ventilation system and all other necessary facilities for their comfort. Most of the goat farmers in Bangladesh used to keep their goats with their other livestock animals. But this is not good for large scale or commercial production.

So, you must have to build a good house for your goats. A good housing system not only keeps the goats safe from predators, but also protect them from adverse weather conditions. If you are planning for raising your goats in stall fed system, consider installing feeding and watering facilities inside the house.

Depending on the breed, each mature goat will require between 10 and 15 square feet space for living. And 20-30 square feet space is required per goat as playing ground, especially if you raise them in intensive system. Consider the space requirement depending on the number of your goats.

Determine Production Purpose

Before going to the next step, consider the type of products that you are going to produce from your farm. Goats can be raised for many different purposes such as milk, meat, fiber, skin etc. But not all these products are popular in Bangladesh. Only goat meat and skin are popular products in Bangladeshi market. Goat milk is not popular, so you have to focus only on meat production. And you will get the skin as a bonus after slaughtering the goats.

Choose Breeds

There are different types of goat breeds available in Bangladesh. You can choose any breed for starting your commercial goat farming business in Bangladesh (depending on the availability in your area). As meat is the only product that you can easily sell in Bangladesh, so you have to select the best meat goat breeds.

We recommend starting with the world famous 'Black Bengal Goat'. Black Bengal goat is considered as the number one or best meat goat breed in terms of meat quality and taste (according to IAEA). It is a native Bangladeshi breed and highly productive.

Visit your nearest livestock market or any existing goat farm for purchasing goats. While purchasing goats, try to select healthy and disease free goats. Don't buy aged goats, yearlings are good choice. You can consult an expert in your area for help.


Always try to feed your goats with high quality foods. Good and nutritious feeds are not only good for goat's health but also help them to grow well and stay free from health related problems. Along with green feeds, always try to provide your goats with supplementary feeds. And always give your goats as much clean and fresh water as they need. Read this guide for feeding meat goats.


Goats are naturally good breeders. You just need to keep record of their breeding.

Caring for Goats

Goats generally require less caring as compared to many other domestic animals. They will be good as long as you are providing basic care for them. Try to learn more about how to care for goats from any experienced farmer.

Vaccinate your goats timely for keeping them disease free and healthy. Contact a vet in your area for vaccination requirements. Castrate your bucks for better quality and faster meat production.


Marketing goat products (meat and skin) is not actually a problem in Bangladesh. Both goat meat and skin are very popular and sold at very high price. Even you can sell your goats in the local market for slaughtering.

These are the common steps for starting goat farming in Bangladesh. If you are a beginner, try to visit as many farms as possible in your area for having more practical experience. Good luck!

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