How to Start Goat Farming Business in India

As we mentioned previously, goat farming is definitely a profitable business in India. So, if you want to start a new goat farming business, then you must have to know more about 'how to start goat farming business in India'.

There are some step by step rules to follow for starting and operating a successful goat farming business. It is always recommended to have training before going to start a goat farming business.

How to Start Goat Farming Business in India

Starting a goat farming business is not easy. You have to do everything correctly from selecting farm location and suitable breeds to marketing. However, here we are describing more about how to start goat farming business in India.

Select a Good Farm Location

The first step for starting goat farming business in India is to select a very good and suitable location. Actually most of the areas in India are somehow suitable for starting this business. But you have to consider some facilities while selecting the location. Here we are describing about some mandatory facilities for starting goat farming business in India.
  • Ensure there are good facilities for enough clean and fresh water. Water is a must for goats and also for any other farm animals. Goats generally drink plenty of water daily.
  • Ensure there are cultivable lands ready for cultivating greens and crops for the goats. Cultivating greens of your own will help you to reduce goat feeding costs. It will be better, if you can install irrigation system to ensure continuous production of fodder.
  • Presence of a market near your selected farm location will be good for marketing your products and also for purchasing necessary things quickly.
  • Selecting land in rural areas and starting a farm there will cost you less money.
  • Availability of vet service in the selected area is a must. Ensure veterinarians and necessary medicines are easily available in the selected area. This step can be ignored if you are an expert already, and can ensure medicine stock in your farm.
  • You also have to consider the transportation service. A road nearby will help you to transport your products easily.

Determine Your Production Purpose

Before starting goat farming business in India, you have to determine the purpose of your operation. You can actually raise goats for many different purposes. You can produce milk, meat, fiber, skin etc. Try to understand which goat product has great value and demand in your local market. If goat milk has good demand, you can go and start a dairy goat farming business. If there are good demands of goat meat in your area, then consider starting meat goat farming business. But in case, there are demands of both milk and meat, you should start raising dual-purpose goat breeds and start your operation.

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Select & Purchase Quality Breeds

There are numerous high quality goat breeds available in India. You can choose any of these Indian goat breeds for your farm. Beetal, Jakharana, Jamunapari and Surti goats are some good dairy goat breeds that you can consider, if you want to start a dairy goat farming business.

But if you want to start meat goat farming business, then you should consider the best meat goat breeds for your farm. Some good Indian meat goat breeds are Sirohi, Sojat and Osmanabadi.

Beetal, Sirohi, Barbari, Marwari, Mehsana, Kutchi, Gohilwadi and Zalawadi goats will be very good for you, if you want to produce both meat and milk from your farm. Along with these Indian breeds, there are also some exotic breeds available in India. You can also start your farm with those breeds, if the breeds are available in your area.

After selecting the breed for your farm, you have to purchase the goats. You can purchase goats from any of your local goat farms, or from any local livestock market. While purchasing, always try to purchase good and healthy animals for your production purpose.

Make Shelter

A good housing system is necessary for goats. A good goat housing system not only keeps the goats safe from predators and adverse weather conditions, but also help to protect them from many health related problems. Most of the small scale goat farmers in India used to keep some goats with their other livestock animals. They don't make a separate house for their goats. This is not good, especially for raising up to 20 goats.

A shelter with suitable drainage and ventilation system is a must for keeping the goats healthy. Also try to keep the house clean and free from dampness. Make the house large enough to accommodate all your goats. And also ensure enough space for keeping feeding and watering containers inside the house.

Feeding Your Goats

Feeding your goats with quality goat feeds is the most important part of goat farming business in India. Most of the goat breeds with Indian origin are able to survive throughout India, even under low quality feeding conditions. But providing your goats with high quality supplementary goat feeds will ensure better production. Follow these meat goat feeding and dairy goat feeding guide for feeding your meat goats or dairy goats respectively.


Most of the Indian goat breeds are good breeders, and they can breed easily by themselves without human interruption. Keeping a goat breeding record will be good.

Ensure Availability of Vet Service

You need to ensure the availability of vet service in your area. Goat farming business will not always run in it's optimum form, and some of your goats can be sick or injured. You need to apply vet service as soon as possible, after noticing any sickness in the goats or if you notice any insured goats.

Special Caring

Goats generally require less caring, compared to many other farm animals. Although Indian goats are naturally strong and hardy animals. If you choose Indian breeds for your farm, then you have to think less about their caring. Although, the breeding bucks, pregnant does and lactating does generally require some special care.


We always recommend 'determining the marketing strategies first, before starting goat farming in India'. Goat products are already popular in Indian market, and you will be able to market your products easily in the local market or town nearby.

These are the common steps of starting goat farming business in India. Hope this guide helped you learning more about the starting steps. God bless you!

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