How to Care for Goats (Beginner's Guide)

Taking proper care of your goats is the most important part of your goat farming business. Goats are naturally smart, intelligent and curious that are fun to have around. But sometimes, the goats can also be aggressive and may try to escape if not cared for properly. So you must have to take good care of your goats. Here we are describing more about the steps for caring your goats.

How to Care for Goats

Your goats will be very happy and will live a very healthy life if you can ensure proper caring for them. Whether you raise goats commercially or in a small scale, you can help them live a happy life by ensuring proper care for them. You can make your goats happy by creating a safe home for them, feeding them properly, grooming them regularly and thinking about their comfort and safety. However, here we are describing more information about caring for goats.

Create a Safe Home for Your Goats

The first and most important part of caring for your goats is making a safe and comfortable home for them. If you raise your goats in free range system, then consider creating the house near to the pasture. But if you raise your goats in stall fed system, then ensure enough playing area for your goats along with the main house.

If you have pasture, install a strong fence around the pasture. A good fence around the pasture not only help to keep your goats safe inside, but also help to keep the predators out. And while making the fence, remember that the fence should be high enough and the goats find it difficult to climb.

Make a good shelter for your goats. Goats generally require between 10 and 15 square feet space, depending on the breed. If you raise your goats in stall fed system, then consider making a playing ground for your goats. And the playing ground should be double than the housing area.

As we have mentioned previously, goats are playful and curious animals. They love to explore new things, and they will enjoy much if they are provided with different types of entertaining elements. This is also very important, if you want to take proper care of your animals.

Feeding Your Goats With Quality Feeds

Feeding is the most important part of the goat caring process. You need to provide your goats with plenty of vegetation to graze, and it is very important for your goat's health. Common and good vegetation for your goats include grass, plants, weeds, brush, leaves etc. Try to avoid the feeds which are dangerous for goat's health. We have already described about what not to feed goats.
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Along with enough greens, you also need to supplement your goat's diet with hay and other grains. Although grains are not must for the goats, but they will enjoy munching on them. Some grains are also good for the goats, especially during winter or pasture shortage period. Wheat, oats, barley and bran are considered as good grains for the goats.

Goats generally eat between 3 and 4 percent of their total body weight each day. And you should feed your goats depending on their body weight, because excessive feeding can cause many health problems.

Goats also require some minerals and vitamins for staying healthy. Contact a vet in your area, and follow his/her recommendation about salt lick supplement.

Your goats also require plenty of fresh water, so ensure availability of fresh and clean water at all times. Water is a must for goats, and water keeps them healthy.

Grooming Your Goats

Regular grooming is also a very important part of goat caring. You need to brush out your goat's coat on a regular basis for keeping them free from external parasites. You can use a hard brush for breaking up and removing any caked on mud and dirt. And then run a comb through the goat's coat for removing any remaining particles.

And after that run a soft brush over the goat for creating a shiny coat. When you do all these, run your hands along the goat’s body to make sure that you don’t feel any lumps or bumps that could indicate a possible illness or injury. You need to call the vet if you feel anything abnormal.

Keeping the goat's hooves dry will help the goat to prevent foot rot disease. So, inspect your goat's hooves regularly and try to keep the hooves as dry as possible. And trim their hooves on a regular basis.

Health Care

You need to vaccinate your goats timely. Timely vaccinations not only keep the goats healthy, but also help you to prevent sudden losses. Timely de-worming and de-licing will help you to prevent internal and external parasites.

Other Caring for Goats

Along with the above mentioned goat caring steps, there are some additional steps for goat caring. Such as you need to keep your goat's shelter as clean and dry as possible. Remove manure and soiled bedding from their shelter on a regular basis. Remove the bedding materials from their house after few days, and do this on a regular basis.

Goats are very active animals, so ensure they are getting lots of exercise. You can encourage your goats to climb by placing things to climb (large rocks, wooden structures and bushes are such good things). Overall, you have to ensure all entertaining and playful activities for your goats for keeping them happy and healthy.

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