Osmanabadi Goat Characteristics & Farming Information

The Osmanabadi goat is a meat goat breed from India. It was originated from Maharashtra state, and distributed mainly in the Latur, Tuljapur and Udgir Taluks of Osmanabad district. The breed was named from it's origin place. The breed is also available in Ahamednagar, Latur, Parbhani, Solapur, Osmanabad and many other districts of Maharashtra state.

Popularity of Osmanabadi goat is increasing gradually as a meat goat breed. And today, they are also found in Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and some other parts of India. Their meat has great demand in the market, so the breed is becoming popular gradually. However, read more information about this Indian goat breed below.

Physical Characteristics of Osmanabadi Goat

The Osmanabadi goats are small to medium sized animals with very beautiful appearance. They can appear in a variety of colors. But their main body coloration is black. They can also appear in white, brown or a mix of different colors.

The legs of the Osmanabadi goats are long, which make them look larger than what actually they are. Their ears are medium to long. Most of the bucks are generally horned. But the does can be either horned or polled.

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The Osmanabadi does have relatively small udder with small teats. Average live body weight of the mature bucks is around 36 kg. And the mature does can reach around 30 kg.


The Osmanabadi goats generally don't require expending too much on their feeding. They can survive and do well in low quality feeding. But they will grow faster and produce good quality meat, if you can provide them with good quality concentrated feeds. As a meat goat breed, they generally require concentrated feeds enriched with high amount of protein and energy. Also give them enough clean and fresh water depending on their demand.


The Osmanabadi goats are very good breeders. They can breed well in almost all agroclimatic conditions. Under good farm conditions, they can be bred twice a year. And a doe can produce 2 kids per kidding, triples are not common.


The Osmanabadi goats are very hardy, strong and also active animals. They generally can do very well in almost all agroclimatic conditions. They are also well known for having high resistant power against some common goat diseases. They are well adapted to extreme hot, cold or humidity.


The Osmanabadi goats are kept mainly as a meat goat breed. They are also suitable for commercial meat production purpose.

The Osmanabadi goats can easily adapt themselves with any agroclimatic conditions. They are economical goat breeds, and they can do well even in low quality feeding. They can be fed on any type of fodder, grass, corn, vegetables, easily available greens etc. Their feeding cost is pretty low, and they generally don't require and special feeds. Osmanabadi goats are easy to care and maintain. They can be good for you, especially if you are a beginner in goat farming business.

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