Sojat Goat Characteristics & Farming Information

The Sojat goat is a popular meat goat breed from India. It was originated from the Rajasthan state, and the breed is mainly found between the belt of Sojat, Phalodi, Pipar, Jodhpur and some other areas of Rajasthan. Although, the Sojat goats are also found in some other parts of India, mainly because of their high popularity as a meat goat breed.

The Sojat goats are probably the result of cross breeding of Jamunapari goat. They are mainly raised for meat production, because they are not good for milk production. These animals are generally sacrificed during the Bakri-Eid Festival. However, read more information about this Indian goat breed below.

Sojat Goat Characteristics

The Sojat goats are medium to large sized animals with very beautiful appearance. They have many similarities in appearance with the Jamunapari goats. They have flat and dropping ears which are very long. Their tail is short and thin. Most of the animals are generally polled.

Coat color of the Sojat goat has many variations. But their most common body coloration is white, with spots. The does have well developed udder which is of round shape, with large conical teats.

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Average live body weight of the mature Sojat doe is between 40 and 50 kg. The bucks are much larger in size and heavier than the does. Average live body weight of the mature bucks is between 50 and 60 kg.


The Sojat goats are meat goat breed, which are raised primarily for meat production. So, they require high quality and nutritious feeds for proper growth and also for producing better quality meat. You need to supplement their diet with extra energy and protein. Read more information about feeding meat goats.


Like many other Indian goat breeds, the Sojat goats are also good breeders. They are not seasonal breeders, and actually can breed throughout the year. In most cases, the Sojat does give birth to a single kid. Twins are also common, with single to twins ratio of 60:40.


The Sojat goats are very strong, hardy and active animals. They generally do very well in their native environment. But they are also able to survive throughout the Indian agroclimatic conditions. They do very well in confinement, and very good for stall fed goat farming system.


The Sojat goats are meat goats, and they are raised mainly for meat production. They are very popular for meat production, mainly because of their good height, weight and health conditions. Due to the heavy and large size of the Sojat goats, they are also very good for commercial meat goat farming business.

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