Surti Goat Characteristics & Farming Information

The Surti goat is a very beautiful breed of dairy goat, originated from India. It derives it's name from the place called 'Surat' in the Gujarat state of India. The breed is mainly distributed through the Surat and Baroda district of Gujarat, but also found in the adjoining areas around Nasik in Maharashtra. Today, total population of this breed is very small, and it is among the endangered goat breeds of Indian origin (although their numbers are increasing gradually).

The Surti goats are mainly used for milk production, and they are among the best dairy goat breeds of Indian origin. However, read more information about this Indian goat breed below.

Surti Goat Characteristics

The Surti goats are relatively smaller sized animals than other popular Indian dairy goat breeds. They have compact body, and they appear mainly in white color with short and lustrous hair. They have prominent forehead, and their face profile is slightly raised.

The ears of the Surti goats are dropping, which are of medium size. Both bucks and does are generally horned. Their horns are of medium size, which are directed upward and backward. Legs of these animals are comparatively short, and they are not able to walk long distances.

Udder of the does is well developed with large conical teats. The color of their skin, muzzle and hoof is pink in most of the animals, with around 24 percent black.

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Average live body weight of the mature bucks is around or up to 32 kg. And the does are slightly smaller than the bucks. The mature Surti does on average weight around 30 kg.


The Surti goats generally grow well in their native area in extensive rearing system. But they are also good for intensive system, if you can provide them with enough concentrated feeds.


The Surti goats are very good breeders. The does are prolific. They generally produce twins per kidding, and also triplets sometimes. Both bucks and does generally become ready for breeding within their 12-15 months of age.


The Surti goats are very strong and hardy animals. They are highly productive than most other Indian dairy goat breeds. They require less care and management, and even can survive on low quality feeding. They are well adapted to their native environment. They are also well suited and can perform well under stall fed goat farming system.


The Surti goat is a dairy goat breed, and it is raised mainly for milk production. The does usually produce around 1.2 kg milk daily under natural/extensive management system. But in stall fed goat farming system, the does can produce 2-2.25 kg of milk daily. Along with milk production, the Surti goats are also used for meat production purpose.

The Surti goats are found in most pure form in their native place. They are among the best dairy goat breeds of Indian origin. They are very popular in their native area, where they are mostly raised and maintained under extensive goat farming system. The breed is also good for intensive/stall fed system. Today, the Surti goats are raised for both meat and milk production.

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