Zalawadi Goat Characteristics & Farming Information

The Zalawadi goat is a multi-purpose Indian goat breed. It is named and believed to have originated from the 'Zalawad' region of Gujarat state in India (which is not known as Surendranagar district and part of Zalawad falling in Rajkot District). It is also known by some other local names, such as Tara Bakari.

Along with the native area, the Zalawadi goats are also available in the adjoining area of Ahmadabad and Jamnagar district. But their numbers are relatively less there. The Zalawadi goat breed compromises around 27.8 percent of the tolal goat population in Surendranagar. Read more information about the Zalawadi goat breed below.

Zalawadi goat Characteristics

The Zalawadi goats are medium sized animals. But they have long legs, which make them look larger than what they actually are. They are mainly black in color, and their coat contains long coarse hair. Ears of the Zalawadi goat are long, wide, dropping and leaf-like. Both bucks and does are generally horned. Their horns are twisted and pointed upward.

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Udder of the Zalawadi does is well developed, with large conical teats. Average body height of the mature bucks is around 83 cm at the withers, and the mature doe's height is around 79 cm. Average live body weight of the mature does is around 33 kg. And the bucks generally weight slightly more than the does. Average live body weight of the mature bucks is around 39 kg.


The Zalawadi goats are raised in extensive management system in their native area. And they find most of their diet from open source. But they will do very well if they are provided with quality supplementary feeds.


The Zalawadi goats are very good breeders. The does are prolific and they take good care of their kids. Single and twin kids per kidding is most common, but triplets also occur sometimes.


The Zalawadi goats are very strong and hardy animals. They generally do very well in their local environment. They are generally raised in extensive grazing system by the traditional shepherd community known as Rabaris and Bharwads. They perform well in the semi-arid area of Sourashtra region.


The Zalawadi goats are multi-purpose animals. They are raised for milk, meat and also for their fiber. Their meat is of good quality. The does are good milkers, with 1.5-2.0 kg daily milk production. Although their milk production can vary depending on the rearing conditions. Average hair yield per goat is around 245 grams.

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