Guide For Goat Breeding

Learning more about the ways of goat breeding is very important, especially if you are a beginner in goat farming business. Successful goat breeding is not only important for increasing your flock size, but also important for producing milk. Because the goats need to bred and have kids before they can produce milk.

Successful goat breeding is one of the major factors for successful business. And successful breeding generally helps to increase the population of goats on your herd, which will directly maximize the profits from your business.

But the breeding process can be challenging among other essential tasks for raising goats. Actually it will be more difficult if you are a beginner.

There are many factors and things to consider for successful goat breeding process. Here we are describing more about these process.

Goat Breeding Process

Proper planning and understanding the breeding process are the prerequisites for successful goat breeding (whether you are going to breed large or smaller sized goats). And there is no room for negligence in any of the goat breeding steps for ensuring better results. However, read the steps described below carefully for successful goat breeding.

Identify the Breed

First of all, you have to analyze the bloodlines and other qualities of your selected goats to breed. Analyzing the goats perfectly will help you for determining whether the goat/goats you have can be bred successfully or not. Based on the breed, you have to select a healthy and compatible buck for breeding your doe/does. You can consult a vet or any experienced person in your area for help.

Goat Breeding Age

Generally a doe gain maturity and become suitable for breeding within it's one year of age. But you should not breed a doe before it's first birthday, for getting better quality kids and other goat products. And the bucks generally mature and become ready for breeding as early as 6-8 months.

Find Compatible Buck

For successful breeding, you have to find a healthy and physically strong buck. You can search for the right buck in your area or any existing goat farm within your area. You can consider artificial breeding, if you are unable to find a good buck in your area.

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Prepare Your Doe

You need to prepare your doe for becoming successful in goat breeding. Health condition of the doe must have to be very good, and you should never try to breed any weak or ill doe. You need to feed the doe with nutritious food, and keep them healthy. Proper diet of your breeding doe should include hay, grain and other nutritional supplements.

Types of Goat Breeding

There are two types of goat breeding; natural and artificial. In natural breeding system, a good and healthy buck is used for breeding. And artificial insemination is also used. Today, most of the commercial goat farmers are using artificial insemination system.

And in case of natural goat breeding system, try to keep your doe with a buck when she enters into her heat cycle. Changes in appetite, bleating, uneasiness, wagging, vaginal discharge, mounting over other goats etc. are the common signs of estrus.

Breeding Season

Goats generally breed throughout the year. But fall is the usual breeding season of goats. A doe generally becomes heated frequently during the breeding season (at an interval of about 18-22 days between two heat cycles). It is always best time to undertake goat breeding in the early stages, for having good pregnancy results. Generally ovulation takes place within ½ to 1½ days after estrus. Successful fertilization depends on timely mating. And delay in breeding reduces the possibility of fertilization.


A doe generally enters into the gestation period after fertilization. Gestation period for goats generally stays for about 5 months. And you need to take extra care of your doe during this period. You need to give her extra feeds and the feeds must have to be nutritious.

These are the basic information and process of goat breeding. You can face some challenges, especially if you are a beginner. But you will learn more gradually. You need to make a proper plan for successful goat breeding, and do everything in accordance to the plan. If you face any difficulties, consult with an expert in your area. Good luck!

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