Basic Goat Caring Information

If you are thinking about starting a goat farming business, you must have to learn the basics of goat caring. Goats are actually wonderful animals. They are also smart and curious, and actually fun to have some goats around. It's important to take good care of them in order to keep them productive and also to help them live a healthy life. If you are a beginner in raising goats, try to learn more about goat caring first and then start.

Basic Goat Caring Information

Goat caring methods are very easy and simple, but you need to learn the systems. Proper goat caring include creating a safe home for them, feeding them properly, grooming them and monitoring their health conditions regularly. However, here we are describing everything about goat caring.


First of all, make a safe and suitable home for your goats. Goats generally require a shelter or house for taking rest, keeping them safe during adverse weather conditions and also from the harmful predators. Actually, goats can live in any type of house or shed as long as they have all the basic requirements such as airflow, light etc. Depending on the breed and size of the animal, a goat on an average will require between 10-15 square feet housing space.


Quality feeding is the most important part of goat caring. Feeding the goats with high quality feeds not only helps to keep them healthy but also help to keep them productive. So, always try to feed your goats with nutritious food. A healthy goat diet is consists of hay, and concentrates like oats, bran, barley, corns etc. Add minerals and vitamins to their food if necessary. And give them sufficient amount of clean and fresh water.

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Keep records of your goat breeding activities for having maximum results.


Grooming your goats on a regular basis is also an important part of goat caring. Regular grooming not only helps to keep the animal look beautiful but also helps to keep them free from some common external parasites. Goat grooming generally includes long bath, trimming hooves and shearing.


You need to arrange some entertaining things for keeping your goats healthy and happy. Goats are playful animals and they generally love to spend time playing. You should give your goats some toys or things to play. For example, you can give them some things to climb (such as cable spools, used table, chair etc.) and plenty of space to move around.

Health Care

Regular health checkups is also a part of goat caring. Regular exercise, de-worming, vaccinating and monitoring your goats health are some health care you need to do on a regular basis. Goats generally require exercising daily to stay healthy. You can let your goats to exercise by their own.

Your goats should be de-wormed on a regular basis. Consult a vet in your area for good recommendation about this. You also need to vaccinate your goats timely for keeping them free from different types of goat diseases and health problems.

These all are the basics of goat caring. If you need to know more about it, please visit your local agriculture extension office. God bless you!

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