Goat Farming Information & Guide

Before going into the depth, let me first explain what goat farming actually is. Goat farming is actually 'raising and breeding of domestic goats for the purpose of meat, milk, skin or wool production, or just for fun'. It is actually a branch of animal husbandry, and it's becoming popular day by day.

Goats are wonderful animals, and they can easily be raised with other livestock such as cattle, sheep etc. Goats are generally raised for four main different purposes such as milk, meat, fiber and skin.

Goats can easily thrive on low-quality grazing and they can convert sub-quality grazing mater effectively that is less desirable for most of the other livestock into quality lean meat. As goats are relatively smaller sized livestock, so they can be raised on a relatively small area of pasture and also with limited resources.

Goat farming is actually not a new business idea. And the goats are being reared from the ancient time for food supply and other necessities. World population is increasing rapidly, and we need food for this increasing numbers. So we have to look for alternative food source. And goat farming can be a good option for this purpose.

However, goat farming can be a very enjoyable and at the same time a very lucrative business, as long as you are well prepared. Here we are describing more about the goat farming business.

How to Start Goat Farming

Starting a goat farming business is not too easy as you might thinking. It involves a lots of tasks for starting. First of all, you have to determine why you want to start this business and what products you will produce from your farm. You also have to make a good business plan before starting and work according to the plan. Follow the steps mentioned below for starting a goat farming business.

Select Farm Location

First of all, you have to select a suitable location where your goats will live. You should consider such a location which has all the required facilities for successfully operating your business. Source of sufficient clean and fresh water supply, availability of all goat farming equipment, food source, availability of labor, good transportation service, all time veterinary service, fertile land for green and crop production and a nearby market for selling your products are the required facilities for selecting a good location for your goat farm.


After selecting a suitable farm location, you have to build a house/shelter for your goats with all required facilities. And making a good shelter is among the most important part of successful goat farming business. A shelter with 100-120 square feet space will be sufficient enough for housing around 10-15 goats (depends on the size of the goats). But if you want to raise your goats in stall feed system, then you will require more space and you also need to make a playing ground for your goats. And in stall feed system, the area of the playing ground will be double from the area where your goats live.

A good shelter or housing system not only keeps your animals safe from predators and adverse weather, but also keeps your goats healthy and diseases free. Keep the house well ventilated, and if possible keep the house neat, clean and dry always. You also have to ensure availability of enough light inside the house.

Select and Purchase Breeds

There are different types of goat breeds available throughout the world to choose from. And you should always emphasis choosing and raising your local goat breeds first. Because local breeds generally perform well compared to the foreign breeds.

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Determine your goat farming purpose first before selecting the right breed for your business. If you are willing to raise goats for the purpose of milk production, then you should go for the highly productive dairy goat breeds. According to the Association of Dairy Goats, some highly productive and world famous dairy goat breeds are Alpine, Nubian, Saanen, Oberhasli, Togenburg and Lamancha goat. Boer, Black Bengal are very famous meat goat breeds, and Cashmere goats are considered best for fiber production. You can review this list of goat breeds.

However, determine your goal first and then choose the proper breed for your farm. And after selecting the breed, you have to purchase them. You can either purchase from any livestock market or from any existing farm in your area. You can also search your local online classified websites for purchasing goats. Bring the goats home after purchasing and start taking care of them.


After bringing the goats home, it's time to take good care of them. And quality feeding is the most important part of caring goats and it is also a very important part of your goat farming business. Goats generally like to eat greens and grains. They prefer plants, leaves, grasses, weeds and herbs when they are in pasture. But you need to supplement their food for better production. Beside pasture, goats also require energy, protein, fiber and vitamins. And also provide them as much clean and fresh water as they want.

Health Care

Along with providing good shelter and quality feed, you have to take other health care of your goats. You have to vaccinate your goats timely for keeping your animals healthy and also for making your goat farming business more profitable. Please contact the vet in your area for vaccination recommendation.

Goat Farming Tips

  • Always provide your goats with sufficient clean and fresh water.
  • Never provide them contaminated food and offer them fresh grasses as much as they want.
  • While choosing breeds, try to start with your local breeds first. And then go for the exotic or highly productive breeds after having some experience.
  • You can visit your nearest livestock extension office for learning more about goat farming business. And if possible, complete a training from them.
  • Ensure double playing area than the shelter, if you raise your goats in stall fed system.
  • You should take extra care of the kids, pregnant doe and the breeding buck. Feeding the buck with some extra nutritious food during the breeding period will keep the buck strong and healthy.
  • Salt and minerals are vital for goats. So ensure the source of salt and minerals for your goats.
  • Goats are vulnerable to cold and rain, so try to keep your goats away from rain and cold for avoiding mass death.

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