Goat Housing Information & Guide

A good goat housing system or shelter is very important and is a must for successful goat farming business. Goats generally require shelter for comfort, safety and also for keeping them safe from adverse weather conditions. The good thing is that 'goats actually don't require elaborate housing system'. And a hoop house can provide enough shelter for your goats. And if you raise your goats on pasture, then a three-sided shed or a pole barn with just a roof may be enough for your goats.

Your goats will live happily if you can just ensure keeping your goats out of drafts. But in certain circumstances, you will need to have a solid building. For example, you will need to have a permanent structure for keeping the pregnant and lactating does and also the kids. Although you can make many pens inside the house depending on the type of your animals.

While building a house for your goats, you also need to consider where you will store feed, straw or other equipment required for goat farming business. You also need to have space inside the house for feeders and waterers if you plan for keeping your goats inside for long time (especially during adverse weather conditions). However, read more information about goat housing system below.

Space Requirement for Goats

If you have pasture and your goats have access to it, then you will need to have relatively less space for housing. Pasture raised goats generally need shelter only for staying and sleeping at night. In this system you will require between 10 and 15 square feet housing space per goat depending on the breed and their size.

But if you are thinking about stall fed goat farming system, then you will need to arrange around 20 square feet housing space per goat for staying and sleeping. And you will also need around 30 square feet exercising space per goat.

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In case of kidding pen, a pen with around 20 foot will be good for each doe. Build the kidding pens depending on the number of does you have in your herd. You can also use the same kidding pen for many does at different times. But you need to clean and sanitize the pen perfectly between kidding.

Different Types of Goat Housing System

There are various types of goat housing system to choose from, and all the designs/types are not good for all purpose. Actually each type of goat housing system is suitable and used for specific production purpose. There are actually three common types of goat housing system which are the floor system, concrete house and the over the pole system. Here we are describing about each type below.

Floor Goat Housing System

In floor type goat housing system, the shelter is build over the ground. And it is the most common type of goat housing. You can easily build this type of goat house over the ground by using any traditional system. Concrete floor is good for goats, it's much easier to clean. But you must have to keep the floor clean and dry by cleaning it regularly.

Over the Pole Goat Housing System

This type of goat houses are generally made over pole. The poles can be either made of concrete, bamboo or wood. Height of these house is generally between 1 and 1.5 meters from the ground. This is a very good housing system for goats, because your goats are generally free from damping conditions. The floor of the house always remain dry and clean in this system.

Concrete Housing System

This type of goat housing system is very expensive to build. You should consider this type of housing system, only if you are very serious about the business, have money to invest and if are are willing to run the business for long time. Concrete goat housing system is very safe for the goats, and it's generally free from all types of harmful predators.

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